Audit and Assurance

Audit and Assurance :

Outsourced Internal & Supply Chain Auditing Services

Today’s audit reporting needs go well beyond management system attestation. It’s imperative to have confidence in your organization’s policies, controls, processes and security. It’s equally critical to both have and inspire the same confidence in suppliers, vendors and partners.

And that trust can translate into a significant competitive advantage, improving efficiencies and reducing costs. That is why more and more of the world’s leading organizations are choosing to work with Rolendo Business Services

Rolendo audit practice can provide the rock-solid verification your organization, customers, suppliers, investors and regulators require. We have the courage and integrity to help you meet these demands by providing a timely and constructive challenge to management, a robust and clear perspective to your audit committee, and transparent information for your stakeholders.

This interdisciplinary audit team brings a precise focus to management system assurance needs, blending industry-specific and multi-discipline skills in technology, regulatory compliance and business processes with strong business expertise.


What Audit and Assurance Service is right for you?

It is important you fully understand the audit service you require. The following is a brief outline that should help you choose the right service for you:

  • Conformity Audits
    • A Conformity Audit is an internal or 1st party audit where the audit objective is to verify the degree of conformity of the organization’s practices against the organization’s requirements, e.g. company policies and procedures or an ISO or Private label Standard[s].  
  • Compliance Audits
    • A Compliance Audit is an internal or external audit where the audit objective is to verify the degree of compliance of the organization’s practices against relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, e.g. relevant regulations, such as FDA, EPA, OHS or simply client contracts or agreements.   A compliance audit may be carried out prior to or post an inspection by a Regulatory Body or Agency.
  • Supply Chain Audits
    • A Supply Chain Audit is an external audit where the audit objective is to verify the degree of conformity of the organization’s practices against a combination of product specifications and/or customer-supplier contract or agreement. A supply chain audit may be used to verify the technical, QA, or financial capabilities of a new supplier or vendor or to verify the degree of compliance of the supplier/vendor’s practices against the contractual requirements of the customer. Rolendo can carry out one or more supplier/vendor audits on your behalf or you can outsource the management of your supplier/vendor audits to the Rolendo
  • Assurance Audits
    • An Assurance Audit is the most comprehensive Rolendo audit, where the objective is to verify the degree the organization’s internal controls meets the needs of interested party’s. The assurance audit service goes beyond ISO audits and is aimed at client’s who want to meet the growing demand for enhanced disclosure and accountability. We strive to give our clients an intelligent, imaginative and resourceful insight aimed at improving the organization’s performance. Our experts analyze every aspect of your business, providing real value and underpinning interested party confidence.

Accounting & Legal Advisory Services

The increasing complexity of financial reporting and the rapid pace of change has led to a significant increase in demand for expert accounting advice. The financial reporting challenge is driven by developments in financial reporting environment, with significant changes across many areas, and further waves of change expected in the coming years.

Our focus is on providing technical accounting advice to our clients that is practical and commercially astute. We provide expert support when preparing financial statements from simply helping clients to get ready for an audit and undertaking the complete preparation of their accounts.

The need for financial reporting advice is often driven by wider concerns, such as mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, significant system changes and new products or business strategies. Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, we can provide seamless project support, incorporating financial reporting advisory solutions to our clients.

In a world of ever evolving accounting environment, our experienced team of professionals can help ensure that your financial reporting obligations are fulfilled. Rolendo has considerable depth of knowledge across all forms of financial reporting, including Indian Accounting Standard (Ind AS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US GAAP.

With the wider access to Rolendo partnered Technical teams and experienced professionals, we can bring the benefits of Global firm to our clients.

  • Addressing regulatory reporting requirements
  • Guide to key performance indicators
  • help sustain trust between you and your customers
  • provide an independent perspective on your business
  • help you protect your reputation through our rigorous assurance work
  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Regulation plan
  • Accounting Advice
  • Risk Assurance

Rolendo approaches every client’s business as if it were our own. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align the goals with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business. This builds deep and enjoyable relationships.

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