Training and Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building

We are providing knowledge and skill enhancement training programmes in the areas of quality, environment, Energy health and safety, food safety, social accountability and information security. he training services provided by Rolendo draw upon the expertise and knowledge gained from many years of working with a broad range of clients, in both the development and implementation of such systems.

This has given us visibility into the problems commonly faced by our clients and has enabled to us to tailor training programmes to help overcome real challenges faced by organisations today. We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to match your training needs. We design and deliver courses that can be tailored to your specific requirements, backed up by comprehensive teaching materials and literature.

All our staff are trained as lead auditors in the management system for which they provide training. Our training programmes are of 4 broad categories.

  • Lead auditor training
  • Internal auditor training
  • Customized implementation training for Management system standards
  • Awareness training on various international Management system standards

Tailor Made Staff Training for Social Compliance and Supply Chain Monitoring for Brands and Business Houses.

Recognizing that people learn in different ways and that knowledge transfer is critical to learning, Rolendo offers a variety of approaches from the traditional classroom approach to hands-on workshops to project-based learning experiences. Rolendo will deliver training to you on-site at your location. We can develop tailor-made trainings to suit operational and business requirements of staff across various tiers of the organization with varied levels of engagement with your value chain.

Training on Performance Standards and EHS Guidelines.

Rolendo has been conducting monitoring of various organizations for their Social and environmental performance. We have been performing these monitoring against various international standards or Sustainability frame work and performance Standards and General and sector specific EHS guidelines. Our experience of monitoring has brought us the strength to facilitate and consult the organizations to build and upgrade their Social and environmental management systems and achieve seamless alignment with international standards yet ensuring coherence with Socio-cultural aspects of the ecosystems where the organization operates. Provide trainings on st National as well as international regulatory and voluntary requirements and EHS guidelines for those who seek funds from international development funding institutions.

Dialogue based action learning for Staff on Quality, Productivity and Business Continuity

Rolendo  recognizes that organizations should evolve their own ways and means to tackle the problems and business risks they face by enabling active participation of all the stakeholders and consistent and purposeful engagement .Towards enabling dialogue based action learning in pursuit of implementing custom and sustainable solutions, Rolendo develops tailor made training modules to tap inherent abilities of the people. We could design need based training programme to meet your specific organizational and operational requirements.

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